Distillerie Alsace, eaux-de-vie alsace

The Artisanal Distillery Gilbert Holl is a little company situated at the hearth of Alsace, in Ribeauvillé

In 10 business years, the Distillery passed of 500 liters of pure alcohol produced in 1984 to 7500 liters of pure alcohol produced in 1994. In 1998, the distillery reaches 12000 alcohol liters.

Today, 60% of alcohol production is exported in Europe (mainly in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherland) and 10% towards the big export (South Africa, Canada, China, Japan).

The brandies are selling privately, to the wine stores, restaurants….. 

Distillerie Alsace, eaux-de-vie alsace

Bernadette & Julie Holl meet you at the Artisanale Distillery in Ribeauvillé

Distillerie Alsace, eaux-de-vie alsace
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