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Distillerie Alsace, eaux-de-vie alsace 

Before obtaining the authorization to distil in a professional way, Gilbert Holl distilled as home distiller, fruits of his own harvest. It is there that he decided to develop his classic range composed of plum, raspberry, cherry plum, cherry… to enrich little by little. Since he was professional, he added other fragances from fruits and wild berries (black elder, wild pupil), flowers (dandelion, broth white), roots (gentian, ginger), seeds (cumin), vegetables (sauerkraut)…

The rigorous choice of the raw materials and the fact of distilling in small stills of 150 liters by respecting the artisanal methods of production allows Gilbert Holl to check very closely the manufacturing process and to distill high quality brandies.

Known to have one of the most varied rang in the region, Gilbert Holl take care of the packagings he propose, as well as their volumes to satisfy all the types of requests : you will find classic and original bottles in volumes of 3cls to 1,5 liters.

Distillerie Alsace, eaux-de-vie alsace


GIN & Old GIN 

Distillerie Alsace, eaux-de-vie alsace

Gin & Old GIN et 48% vol. in bottle of 50cl.




Dandelion Flower's liqueur at 30% 


                    Distillerie Alsace, eaux-de-vie alsace



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